Your innate creativity is needed in the workplace now. Those around you want to see more of your unique qualities. If you can get comfortable with being the centre of attention for just a few weeks, you will see the rewards. It’s not about who you know but how you can show those already in your life just how brilliant you really are. The Full Moon at the very start of Leo season on July 24th shines a light on your community and who specifically makes you feel supported. Take note! With Venus and Mars in your health and work sector for a while, you could find unexpected allies in the workplace now. The key is to find the balance between doing it your way and meeting someone else in the middle. Chances are you are both fighting for the same goal.


The Full Moon at the end of July brings a peak in your career sector. If things feel pressurised, don’t feel guilty about offloading some of those extra tasks. Decide what really can be pushed off until tomorrow, because some things will just have to wait. You’re ready to take your endeavours to the next level and perhaps become a lot more visible. It’s hard to attract abundance for your talents when you hide in the shadows. For the next month, Venus is making beautiful angles to your sign, meaning you should ask for what you deserve because the gift-giving planet is on your side. The New Moon on August 8th is all about home and ancestry so consider returning to your roots with one of your favourite recipes or connecting with the women in your life who feel like family.


You don’t need to travel far to get the good stuff this month. All the love and friendship you could possibly wish for is circling you right in your neighbourhood. There’s a lot of excitement in your local community and you might be at the centre of it all. The best part is that the seeds you plant now with the faces that you meet could lead to something bigger down the line. It’s both platonic and romantic as Venus and Mars shimmy through Virgo and your sector of home. Pamper your space and maybe consider welcoming a couple new friends home for an impromptu dinner. Nesting is in order and it looks like you would rather do it with uplifting company than alone.



Sometimes the fear of taking control of your money is the biggest obstacle to abundance. It’s time to carve out new financial habits and create solid ground for future investments. Your sensitive sign doesn’t love to tackle such mundane issues, but you will have more space for the things you love if you can get a handle on your money. You’re having big realisations about what you value for the long term, and how to nurture the seeds of what could be. If you need help, now is the time to enlist a business coach or financial advisor to help you take things to the next level. Everything starts in the mind, so if you can wrap your head around the financial jargon that was designed to intimidate you, you are golden. Remember that money is potentially a tool that can help you share more love, Robin Hood style.


Warrior planet Mars has been charging through your sign for the first time since 2019, which means your courage has been peaking and you’ve likely felt even more feisty than usual. Relationship issues have been on your radar for several weeks, and now Venus wants you to connect deeply to your core before you consider who you’re committing to. 2021 is all about your relationships, and this month brings in the first of two full moons in your partnership zone. Now is the time to get clear on what you really need in another human. More importantly, ask yourself what do you desire? Mars will exit your sign at the end of July not to return until 2023, so make the most of this divine masculine planet and connect to what excites you most in your partners. Let your desire be your compass this summer.


Leo season is never your most comfortable place to sit. All the fire energy is not an obvious match for your understated sign, but this month you have Venus in your sign, which means it’s time to receive. Tap into the Venusian energy by drawing up some financial goals and align yourselves with the players who live the sort of lifestyle Virgo can get on board with. Keep in mind that for most of July and August the planets are wandering through your sleepy 12th house, which could be why you’re having more trouble than usual staying on task. This is your annual fodder month; it’s a time to really commit to your meditation practice and welcome your spirit guides. The Full Moon on July 24th could see your work schedule expand to become unmanageable, so scale back and lean into joy that weekend. In the days that follow, notice how supported you feel and ride the wave of abundance. Extra sleep this Leo season will help you make the most of the opportunities headed your way.



If Cancer season had you second guessing your career choices or general life direction, fear not! You can blame Chiron in Aries for stirring up latent insecurities that are about to be shown the door as Leo season reflects the best in you. You are about to be rewarded for all your hard work while your community holds space for your creativity. Those in your orbit value your opinion so if you feel called to take charge of a project or simply organise a social event, follow your instinct. The Full Moon in Aquarius on July 24th is all about leaning into your excitement. Find your allies who want to laugh and get silly with you.


Leo season highlights your long term goals as well as the structure that holds them in place. Is there something emotional that needs to shift in order for you to envision your career with more clarity? The Full Moon on July 24th wants to see you break out of a limiting perspective that’s blocking something good off. You’ve come a long way in 2021 but there’s a lot more expansion waiting to happen as long as you can envision it. While Venus is in your network zone until mid August, step away from the tasks to engage in conversation. Someone else’s viewpoint might spark an epiphany and unlock something fresh for you. Leo season is here to remind you that there are always more options, and multiple ways to get to the same destination.


The past couple months saw you navel-gazing in more ways than one as the planets turned your focus to the subterranean world of intimacy, love and psychology. You’re finally coming up for air as Leo season highlights your sector of adventure and publishing. This means you might finally be getting some overdue recognition as Venus sinks into the most visible part of your chart. Showing yourself isn’t usually an issue, but with wounded healer Chiron retrograde in your sector of fame and creativity, you might have some healing to do around being seen for your talent. Bask in the unexpected accolades that you’ve worked so hard for. Be bold with what you ask for now and don’t think twice about enjoying the opportunities showing up.



You will soon be able to put into words all those feelings that you haven’t quite been able to figure out. Cancer season turned your focus to your close relationships and asked you to examine how you do intimacy. Now it’s time to hash it all out with a trusted confidante. As you heal, you will also learn and expand your consciousness. This Leo season is dropping in a teacher for you with divine timing who will bring you closer to your authentic self. The things you read, conversations you have and ideas you pay attention to are clues to what needs amplifying within your soul.


While your optimism is being tested in 2021, Leo season wants you to lean into your faith and carve out spaces of joy. Your hope and determination to thrive is so much more powerful than any abstract limitation the universe places upon you. At the Full Moon on July 24th, make time for a heartfelt conversation with a loved one. Any distance that has swelled between you two can be resolved with some honest words. You’ll feel more supported once you realise their perspective isn’t as alien as you thought. If it’s romance we’re talking about there’s some healing to be found between the sheets for just under a month so make the most of it.


2021 is getting real with your sign and rewiring anything that doesn’t feel truly authentic to you. While the first half of the year was stimulating and distracting on a mental level, the skies were opening your eyes to new ways of living your life. Now Leo season wants you to get practical and tend to the everyday moments of how you spend your time. This isn’t the time to push forward with big projects, but instead to notice the power of your everyday choices. There could be subtle triggers around your self-worth, but don’t let that derail you from the task at hand. This month you are asked to remember why you’re so good at what you do. Feel free to be open with your words as you weave dreams into existence. Both in your romantic life and workplace, you are reminded of your inherent value when you speak from the heart. Express yourself!


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