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Gemini season
Element: Air
Stone: Apatite, Agate and Blue Chalcedony - any stones that can help enhance your throat chakra and release communication blocks


You’re a sign who prefers to move through life with tenacity and unapologetic determination. This month, Jupiter sinks into your sector of dreams, endings and subconscious. Get comfortable with your creative side as the skies bless your mouth and your pen with powerful words to express the unexpected feelings that arise. Whether you’re taking on a writing project, enrolling in a new course or flying off to a new destination, the planets want you to connect with minds outside of your usual orbit. The full moon on May 26th will light up your adventure sector, so explore nature and consider your spiritual side for a change. Excitement isn’t always loud, this month it’s a whisper.


Few signs are experiencing as much transformation as you are this spring, Taurus. Gemini season is no different, and will ask you to put your back behind what you value. While your conversations and interactions with others are what fire you up these days, channel any restless energy by setting off on regular jaunts to undiscovered places. Weekend road trips and getting lost in a forest with nothing but your wanderlust are just what the skies want for you this month. Meanwhile, Venus and the North Node of destiny want you to up your prices, advertise your skills and consider if you’re afraid to ask for more. The Eclipses this month are triggering your wealth axis, so think outside the box and know that now is the time to receive what you deserve. As long as you tend to your spiritual evolution, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t focus on healing your relationship to the material. The universe has infinite reserves of abundance. If investing is something you’ve been pondering, now is the time to go in. Consider the lesser known cryptos that your peers may not be tweeting about. You’re playing the long game.


People want to hear the wisdom lurking in your quicksilver mind. You’re more visible now than ever with Jupiter opening doors in your career that you thought might never budge. Well the time is now. The possibilities are endless and your dms might be flooded with potential collaborators reaching out. Just remember you don’t have to say yes to everyone. Find a trusted friend or confidante and talk out your options. If the past few years have felt like an uphill battle in building your work dreams, know that the tide has changed! Although the time is ripe to make big leaps, don’t feel the need to rush any decisions. You can take your time and be picky this season.



The cosmos is breathing fresh air into your friendships, bringing unexpected, beautiful souls into your orbit. Is there a community or group project that could benefit from your leadership skills? Mars is in your sign until early June and will give you an extra boost of confidence, so take the reins and know that proactive collaborators want to hear your innovative ideas. Watch out for burning the candle at both ends as the cosmos lights up your work sector at the end of May with a lunar eclipse that might highlight any work-life imbalances. You might need time to withdraw from the world around the 26th, so be firm in your boundaries and schedule time to practice your napping skills. There is a big cycle closing for you before Cancer season rolls around; let go of the past 12 months so you can float effortlessly into a new cycle bolstered by a soul tribe that fits the person you are becoming.


Your strong sense of self graces you with effortless confidence, and Gemini season is highlighting your creative gifts. Now is not the time to hide your light. The whole world could use some Leo flamboyance these days, so shine bright and show others what you’re made of. Your colleagues and friends might be surprised with the excellence you’ve been keeping under wraps. If the balance between friendship and romance has tipped too far to one side, reach out to your favorite people and restore the equilibrium. You may be the creative genius but your life expands when you include others who want to share the limelight. Very little is off limits to you in 2021, so show others how committed you are to leaving your mark on the world. Technology aides and ideal business partners could be on the other side of a rogue email. Go for it.


Taurus season opened you up to new perspectives and challenged you to ask for more as you consider what you’re building for the long term. Which of the dreams on your mood board do you want to see take root? Hopefully you nourished your mind with interesting ideas that help you to see life from a different angle. This is all in preparation for the colossal shifts 2021 has in store for you, Virgo. Take notice of the abundance that’s waiting patiently to flow in, because Jupiter opposing your sign for the first time in 11 years wants you to know you can think big. More growth is knocking on your door, and good people want to get closer to you. Gemini season puts in focus the axis between career and family, specifically your ancestry and female relatives. Connect to the women you admire and make the most of the benevolence the universe is shining on your career zone. This is the time to take large strides and go after what you want - all eyes are on you. Know that eclipses take months to unravel, so whatever you put in motion this month, it may take six months before you see the fruits of your labour. You’re playing the long game.



You can pay more attention to your personal need for adventure this month and rest easy knowing Mars is putting in the hours for you at work. Each decisive act you take until early June packs more punch than usual as Mars heats up your sector of long term goals. Your sign prefers to sit and attract the good things in life through your natural magnetism, but not everything can be done through organic manifestation. The trick this month is to prioritise weekend getaways to rugged coastlines and lush forests, while inserting faultless boundaries in the workplace. Activate your divine masculine ability to take a stance and go after what you want, but resist the nagging sensation that you need to be productive all the time. Your energy will manifest more if you’re nourished on wild excursions both in body and mind. If an online course or mentorship program is tickling your curiosity, indulge! Gemini season is always a pleasant time for you as the season harmoniously syncs up with your light energy. Notice what it feels like to be both Priestess and warrior by recognising the power Mars gives you until early June, it will carry you through summer and beyond.


Put down on paper exactly what it is you want in your dream partnership. The skies are boosting all opportunities that involve others, and you know more than anyone that two heads are better than one. That brilliant idea you downloaded has stronger legs if you have a partner in crime. Taurus season might have seen you navel gazing more than usual, and the Full Moon at the end of April was a deep release for anything stale clinging to your experience. Hopefully you did your spiritual work, went within and now are ready to face the world. The potent lunar eclipse in your sign on May 26th has the potential to swell your emotions, some you didn’t even know you had. Feel it all. Then rejoice in the company of your favourite people, because this month has a lot of love to give you. Feed your newfound sensitivity this month with your favourite recipes and, just for a moment, enjoy what it’s like to have all the feels.


Your long-term dreams are made up of the efforts hidden in the daily grind. The past month has gifted you with Venus in your pleasure zone, and now Gemini season begs the question - how can you make your work routine more enjoyable? Where does something need to lighten up to leave more space for play? Is there a special woman who makes your life that much better? Recognise the power in your partnerships this Gemini season, and know that sometimes conflict can be of benefit. If your romantic life is steady, focus your energy on taking small steps that will accelerate your journey towards that long term goal. Gemini season is shining a brighter light on 2021’s main lesson for Capricorn: sometimes the road to your destination is easy.



It’s harder to tap into your inner genius when you’re busy catering to the demands of others. Mars in your work and health zone until early June is asking you to focus on the small details of everyday life. While this may bore your dynamic spirit, the sooner you can hone your daily routine the more energy you have to pour into your passion projects. The Scorpio Full Moon at the end of April pushed you to the front of everyone’s mind in the workplace. Use the attention wisely and prioritise your most ambitious dreams. Your feelings may be expressing themselves to you in unexpected ways. This month brings heart-opening energy with it for Aquarius, so whether you’re deepening a love connection or revealing your true feelings to those around you, know that you are allowed to be ‘too much’. Aquarius is a sign motivated by intellect, strategy and out of the box thinking. This month wants you to drop your guard, find deeper connections with those colleagues and friends you might keep at arm's length. Connect your mind to your heart and let life unfold.


Your sign knows how to think three steps ahead and seduce whatever you desire into your lap. This month you won’t even have to try as the Lunar eclipse on May 26th will be bringing a tidal wave of energy to your sector of self-worth and material goods. Yes, that means money! If you’ve been looking to close a deal, hopefully you’ve put in the leg work and you can now rest, knowing the universe will take care of the rest. 2021 is asking you to keep it real and become your most authentic self. Shed skins and let the world see the real you, flaws and all. You would rather not reveal what’s behind your stoic exterior, but this year wants to see you shed skins and get closer to your truth. Your energy is more powerful when it’s not wasted on needless defence mechanisms. While Gemini season may make you want to retreat within and roll around in the riches of your subconscious through sexual bonding, therapy and asking deep questions, don’t forget to come up for air and mingle with others. Late night discussions of intellectual matters with your nearest and dearest will bring you joy.


The incoming Gemini energy wants to nourish your restless soul. Taurus season saw you travelling and exploring your surroundings more than usual, and now the stars are bringing you back to yourself, back to centre. Mars in your pleasure zone is bringing in potential lovers or creative projects that demand your attention. The more you return to self and connect to your personal needs, the quicker you’ll be able to know who is worth your time. Be open to unexpected opportunities that exceed your expectations in career and home. If a new nest or job is on your mind, the universe has your back.


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