Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season

Scorpio season: October 23rd – November 21st
Element: Water
Crystals: Yellow Topaz, Labradorite, Ruby.


Mercury is now direct and picking up pace in your relationship zone. There could be new business relationships budding that might take you to the next stage of your financial story, or your partnership with your ride or die is plunging to new depths. This Scorpio season the planets slip into your sector of intimate and financial bonds. If everything is okay on the material side, use this time to get closer to your significant other and bare your soul. Watch out for any unwanted power dynamics in your social circle as Mars and Saturn stare each other down. If you’re single, this could manifest as a potent connection with a powerful male in your wider network. As long as you’re clear on your boundaries, don’t be afraid to flaunt your magnetism and enjoy the ride.


Scorpio season wants you to really get serious about who is in your corner. Trust issues might have been bubbling to the surface in recent weeks, as Scorpio energy highlights your divine counterpart and relationship sector. With unpredictable Uranus and Mars in the mix, your temper could be flaring up and surprisingly alive for your relaxed demeanor. Sustain the flame of your nearest and dearest partnerships this Scorpio season. Don’t let a little conflict get in the way of important ties - instead, ask yourself what’s got you so riled up? Better yet, channel that fire into sport, sex and creativity. Once Venus slides into your sector of learning and adventure, weekend trips to unknown places will satisfy your urge to get away and explore. Late October has you focused on your money and intimate relationships, while November sees you getting more satisfaction from within. Remember to fill your own cup, and if travelling to far away places isn’t on the cards, satisfy your wanderlust with foreign films and late night political discussions. Your inner intellect wants to speak.


Creative people need time to sit and just do nothing. Remember this as Scorpio season overloads your daily life with constant demands on your time. The only way to channel any unwanted tension is through the body. The creative downloads will flow more seamlessly if your physical vessel isn’t so strained. The next few weeks are about honing your nutrition and giving yourself extra sleep, despite what your jam-packed calendar might have in mind. If that sounds boring, know that it’s all in service of the opportunities that await you on the other side. Jupiter is now finally direct in your sector of adventure and expansion. You’ll bloom faster if you feel great in your body.


This Scorpio season wants to see you prioritise your joy, while considering how you can make your hobbies work for you and expand your experience in practical ways. If Libra season dug up sticky feelings you thought were already buried, the Full Moon on October 20th should have helped you find ways to burn any excess negativity and express your vulnerabilities with strong words. The focus this month might feel like it has to be all about your financial security and your power to manifest more abundance. Redirect that energy back into your heart centre which is where Scorpio season wants you to reveal your talents. Share your passion with friends or clients who want to see more of your gifts. The more you lean into your unique creative expression this month, the more naturally you will attract abundance.


The sky is lighting up some of the most intimate life areas for you. Your naturally feisty sign is no stranger to strong feelings, and this Scorpio season you will feel more emotionally charged than usual. Mars is revving the engine in your home and family sector, so watch you don’t burn any bridges with your nearest and dearest while you let it all out. Unexpected attention or shifts in your career and with mentors might be part of the picture. As all eyes are on you, make that bold request you’ve been sitting on or reveal your most creative ideas, which up until now have seemed too outlandish to be taken seriously. This Scorpio season, fortune favours the bold.


Use your voice this month. Whether that means journaling daily in place of that expensive therapist and watching profound realizations pour out of your pen, or finally kick-starting that podcast project you’ve been sitting on, express yourself. Scorpio season wants you to be more visible and engage with your community. The planets are lighting up your neighborhood and immediate surroundings, so spend some time in that local café and finally commit to finishing that book you’ve been reading since springtime. With Venus sliding into your love and pleasure zone, that handsome fellow regular at the table next to you might want to share more than just the sugar bowl with you. Meanwhile, your daily routine and work life continues to push you to your limits until December 2021, so know that it’s up to you to take time off when you need it. Only you decide which tasks are really that ‘urgent’.


Fight for what you know is yours Libra! With diplomacy of course….The planets have been stirring up all kinds of chaos and confusion in your sign since mid-September. Mars has had you feeling more determined than ever to go after what you want, but you might have lost your elegant Libra tact that defines you. Scorpio season restores the subtlety to your vision, allowing you to see more than just black or white. Now that you’re clear on what ignites your passion, use the next few weeks to commit your focus and translate desire into action. With the planets zooming through your financial sector, consider all aspects of your material realm: budgeting, investing, and if there’s a smarter way to grow your nest egg. The Full Moon at the end of October might bring in just the right person to coach your way to a better financial future.


You are at the beginning of a powerful two-year cycle led by Mars, the planet of your personal desires and strength. What are you committing to this Scorpio season? Choose wisely where you direct your energy flow. There are no more retrogrades holding you back from now until 2022, so whatever you harness has strong horsepower. The foundations of whatever you want to build must be strong and leak-proof. With Mars opposing Uranus in mid-November across your personal relationship sectors, an unexpected male figure could help you see outside the box and find a breakthrough solution to a persistent block that has overstayed its welcome.


Flaunt your beauty, your fire, your power. Venus will be hanging out in your sign until mid-November, bringing you gifts and the ability to attract good things to your corner. Use the magnetism for a valid cause and start thinking about what you want to see more of. Your new beginning won’t be clearly in sight until early December when the New Moon in your sign arrives. Use this time to wrap up any loose ends and dig deep into your own personality. Over the past 18 months, the eclipses have been invisibly working hard in your sign to close out old cycles and push you into the next stage of your life. Lean into any deep transformation you feel knocking at your door so you can birth your new season with more ease. Don’t balk at any extra sleepiness over the coming weeks because Scorpio season moves through your sector of rest and dreams, so you might need extra slumber to cushion the growth that’s happening. Snooze away.


With a rare Venus retrograde occurring in your sign later this year, this won’t be the only time money is on your mind. Jupiter is now gaining speed in your sector of abundance and security, meaning it’s time to consider your values and long term financial goals. Scorpio season turns your focus to friendships, your community and network. Pay close attention to the people in your orbit who might be able to teach you a thing or two about investing. Pay even closer attention to the differences in your value systems - just because you love and admire someone doesn’t mean you share the same desires. As one of the most determined signs, you are always focused on your career trajectory, but make sure you stay true to the values that don’t involve money. The paradox is that things will flow more once you let go of your vision for a specific outcome.


Your authority is validated by those around you. That’s not to say it’s dependent upon those you work with, but sometimes applause helps something inflate. This month, Venus in your friendship and network zone is seeing you reflected more accurately than ever in the eyes of those that admire you. 2021 has worked your sign to the bone and tested your patience, but this month things accelerate towards the finish line as Scorpio season highlights your reputation and long-term goals. The results are in the making, but know that the task still needs your focus and dedication. Don’t give up just yet. Own your authority and give your creative vision all the space it needs to bloom. This month few will be able to stand in your way.


Despite all your creativity and unique gifts, you often shy away from overt attention. This Scorpio season paves the way for more visibility, nudging you to step into the light. Your sign is deeply connected to cosmic energy, and you are at your best when your everyday experience is laced with spirituality, but the next few weeks want you to translate your gifts into abundance. Scorpio season wants you to share the magic you hold within, whether through friendships, creative pitches at work or signing up to online learning with strangers; the more you connect this month, the more your inner world speaks out loud. Your worth is not dependent upon accolades or the size of your audience, but this month, your confidence blooms when you feel seen.



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