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Pisces season
Element: Water
Colours: Orange, turquoise, sea green
Crystals: Aquamarine, Amethyst


March 21st - April 20th

Let go of the control for a little while and see where the flow takes you. If your dream world has been somewhat technicolour recently – give your subconscious room to express what’s going on. If your external world feels a little dull these days, Pisces season 2021 is here to light up your conversations, and bless you with a golden tongue. What is it you need to communicate most? Or are you just hungry for more social interaction? Don’t be shy to hit up long lost friends for a zoom catch up. Your internal world will be vibrant all month, so let this divine inspiration carry you into spring. Keep a journal at the ready to capture any golden nuggets of wisdom floating around you.


April 21st - May 20th

Your friends really are your chosen family. Whether for business or pleasure your network has gifts in store for you this month. If you feel like some of your favourite people have forgotten about you, all that is about to change. Pisces season will remind you that you are loved by many, near and far. It’s okay to want more from your friends, and this month will bring greater intimacy even from those you considered an acquaintance. As Mars zips into your money sector early March, double check your balance sheet and think of creative ways to get more bang for your buck. Otherwise, take time to connect and enjoy the flow of friendship.

Earth sign style picks

Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn



May 21st - June 21st

Get ready to rumble Gemini! Okay so this year may not be the most jet-setting time, but you’ve got more than enough to handle right where you are. All eyes are on you this Pisces season as you get a boost in your career sector. You’ve been plotting behind the scenes and now the world is ready to see you. Now is the time to push past any shyness and speak your truth. Remember, you are the expert in your field.


June 22nd - July 22nd

Nobody needs to ask you twice to feel your emotions, and this Pisces season, you’re being asked to go deep within. Dig through those final remnants of the past that just won’t let go. You might find your whole perspective shifts from one surprising conversation that accidentally triggers something important. Once you feel lighter, stay mindful of friends pulling you into chaotic group chats that will only waste your precious energy. Or is it you who is getting easily distracted? You’ve got better things to do! Channel your mind into something sophisticated like a new language or an online master-class.


July 23rd - August 23rd

The contemplative spirit of Pisces season doesn’t always vibe with your fiery essence. You’re not one to overthink things, instead preferring to jump in at the deep end and trust you’ve got everything covered. This time around you might feel differently. Work has been hot on your heels since the new year, and you’re ready for some serious rest and recuperation. Pisces season lights up your sexuality and finances all at once! Rest has never looked so good. Whether you’re solo or part of a duo, make time for your body and get under the sheets. If you’re not in the mood for navel gazing, Mars is in your sector of hopes and dreams, so get cracking on that mood-board. The universe is ready to gift you new horizons, so get clear on what you desire.

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August 24th - September 23rd

If your love life has been feeling meagre recently dear Virgo, Pisces season could re-ignite your mojo. The universe sees your desire for intimacy and wants to bring in someone that’s a perfect match. If you’re not mingling or meeting anyone new, now is the time to brave the apps. You’ve got Venus nudging Neptune to send something dreamy your way this month, but if your heart isn’t open those romantic gifts have nowhere to go. Still healing from something? You might just stumble upon the perfect guru to help you breather your way through the fear and get you feeling fine again. The time is now!


September 24th - October 23rd

2021 has a whole lot of harmonious happenings in store for your sign. Things might not feel easy yet but there are new pathways opening up. Your romantic life may be the biggest focus of the year, so Pisces season is here to help you get your work systems in order before you can fully dive in. Playtime is so much more rewarding when you know your work life is streamlined. This month your energies might initially feel scattered, but that’s only the cosmos bringing problem areas to your attention so you can focus on finding balance. An honest conversation with a colleague or boss might swiftly smooth things over. Remember, you are always the one in control of your time.


October 24th - November 22nd

Mars and some of the other tough planets have not given you an easy welcome to 2021! Fear not - Pisces season is here to bring some relief. Your creativity should naturally begin to sparkle as you feel your passion re-ignite. The cosmos is also giving you a break from all that restless energy that’s been triggering your sign for too long. Pisces season wants to return you to your natural state – deep, introspective and sensual. You’ll have more time come March to dedicate to your romantic life too. Keep the faith that the good stuff is on its way!

Water sign style picks

Scorpio - Cancer - Pisces



November 23rd - December 21st

You have the chance to rewrite your future story now. Some key pieces of your life are still floating, waiting to be positioned. There’s no need to rush, instead take this time for contemplating your long-term goals. You may feel torn between focussing on your career or retreating to rest this month. Chances are you’ve spent recent weeks negotiating and communicating with anyone who graced your inbox. So now take this time to recuperate and connect to your intuition before moving forwards.


December 22nd - January 20th

Your life is simple. Let that be your mantra as your move through Pisces season. Abundance is hard to find from a place of burnout. So make sure you place solid boundaries between colleagues and your time. Remember that your inbox serves you, not the other way around. You may be focussing on your security, plotting for the long term like any good earth sign, but take time to stop and smell the roses! Schedule time to wander through a new neighbourhood or listen to a new playlist top to bottom like the good old days. If you allow yourself breathing room you’ll keep sight of the big picture and your creativity will bloom.


January 21st - February 19th

There is no limit to the growth that is available to you this year if you lead with your heart. You always wear your individuality on your sleeve, proud to be known for your innovative ideas that rock the boat of convention, however this month you’re ready to get smart and spend some time mapping out long term plans. Even the wildest at heart need some sort of safety net. The more solid your foundations are, the farther you are free to fly when the time is right. Fend off any restlessness or boredom with creative activities that are within reach. Trust that a new adventure is closer than you think.

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Aquarius - Libra - Gemini



February 20th - March 20th

Make a wish! Your season is lit up with some dreamy planetary alignments that make room for seriously spiritual moments, and perhaps a good dose of confusion. If clarity has been evading you recently, know that this Pisces season is a great time to refine your inner world by removing any excess noise. That means asking less people for their opinion so you can finally hear your own perspective. If you’re feeling particularly social, open up the lines of communication with friends near and far, just remember that if your most precious dreams are still in formation, they are best kept under wraps.



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